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1. No one owes you anything-not the government, your employer, your family,

or your spouse. Although the world around you is less and less definite and

predictable, it is no less valuable and mysterious. To rejoice in living

you must invent your own future, entrepreneur your life, and expect


2. Global change is the major force in your life, and in the lives of

everyone on earth. We are all in training for a new era for all humanity.

Don't whine about it. Take advantage of the expanding possibilities now

available to you in our world of constant flow.

3. You have no ultimate safety, security or guarantees, so don't expect

any. What you have are endless opportunities to rearrange your priorities

for work, play, and life. Choose wisely, and expect more choices to follow.

4. Your life is an adventure, a journey through time. There are no lasting

arrival points and few lasting endings. Everything is flow-you just keep

moving, day by day, and week by week, following your internal compass for

adventuring through the long haul of ninety years or more. You live on a

boat in a river, flowing in white water from the alleged reference points

of yesterday to the utter unknown of tomorrow. Learn how to say "hello" and

"good-bye" with grace and style.

5. Know how to recycle yourself. Live each chapter of your life fully, then

invest in a transition and begin the next chapter. Weave, unravel, and

reweave your life, over and over. No matter what your age or situation,

design your future as your manifest destiny.

6. The best way to guide your life through infinite change is to follow

your own values and vision. Like a rudder, your values will keep you on a

course your integrity prefers. Like a sail, your vision will pull you ahead

into legitimate expectations.

7. Your best future happens when you have the courage to be: reach, learn,

risk, dare, leap. Embrace the unknown ahead. Live on the outer edge of your

possibilities, not on the inner edge of your security. Be active, not

passive. Lean into the wind.

8. Here is how to conduct your journey: Have a long term purpose with

short-term goals. Be definite and flexible. Trust the ocean but stay in

charge of your boat. Ride the waves.

9. Refuse to be defined and consumed by your career work. It's an important

part of the whole journey, but it's not the journey itself. Your deepest

agenda is your soul's work, your holistic callings to create success and

caring in all the parts of your life.

10. Everyone on earth is linked to the same destiny. We share the same air,

water, food, and capacities for total destruction. We are in each other's

hands, one for all and all for one. Interdependence is our expectation.

11. Learn how to grow older and better. Achieve mastery as a human

being-model wholeness, wisdom, and caring. Rewrite the myths of aging with

your evolving presence and leadership. Be grateful. Leave a legacy that

makes a difference.

12. As you find better rules-and you will-replace these rules with them.

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